Who am I?

I’m just another somebody who is as important as the next, who craves to be heard.

I’m a mother, a Canadian, a wife, a very happy individual who had a rough start. There is one part of my many layered self, who looks to tomorrow most often, but then there is the child in me who was hurt who happens to be a little more demanding. She is always looking back. When I am with my own children, and I see their desire to be heard, I don’t wish anything other than to listen. It makes me lean more and more toward that faint voice inside my own soul. I’m inclined to help her.

Today (May 12, 2016) is the first post of this blog, an introduction to the process journal of writing my memoir. I’ll post about my struggles, successes, tools that I will utilize, books, podcasts, and people I love to follow—anything I can share with you that may be of help in your own writing and/or mental health (because it’s all related) journey.

At this time, I have 12,500 wds in the manuscript that I started two years ago. This is my writing process journal, not unlike Sylvia Plath’s,  (I can be somewhat busy in brain) I want to have a landing spot for my thoughts, hopes, fears, and ruminations.

Mmmm, plenty of ruminating.

On the Born in May blog, when it launches, I will post bi-weekly memoir pieces, or articles relating to my story.  I hope you’ll join me, and I hope you’ll be inspired to write your own story.

My wish is that more people will tread down the path of self discovery, a sure way to end up in a better place, so much closer to our true selves. Take courage, do not be ashamed, you’re not alone. We’re never alone.